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Typical Republican Hypocrisy

Bill Frist is the great satan:
Frist likes guns, hates our troops

Of course, the press will tell you that Republicans poll stronger on national defense. The Republicans will tell you that Democrats are weak on defense. And the Democrats will scream the whole time that Republicans are politicizing 9/11 and only superficially supporting the troops while robbing them of badly-needed benefits.

Only the Dems, therefore, are telling the truth. And yet the stereotypes remain. Sending the troops into an unjust war is not supporting them, it's destroying them. And it's weakening our country's defensive capabilities and emptying its treasury.

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Did you hear the one about the...?

Snarky and hilarious, but not one bit funny:
Bush Jokes

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Typical Republican Hypocrisy

Rove/Plame/Leak/Traitor Gate, by tne numbers.

(via DavidNYC at kos)

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There are other Progressive Programmers in the world.

You may never find a more apt link coming from these pages :

For the programmers among you:
Bush's debacles, as told via Bourne Shell manipulation and traversal.

(from knkia's author via backchannels)

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Roberts info overload coming soon

I've already read a heaping pile, and that will grow endlessly.

But here's some crap anyway (via Daily Dissent):
Big Business = AYE.
Everyone else = NAY?.

Whoops. Ken Starr just referred to him (On Scarborough Country) as spectacular. Mustn't... commit... hari... kari. He seems like he'll get through. I certainly feel the pummelling of the Republican-leaning talking points on MSNBC tonight. I think all the Dems are now in hiding just the way all prominent Republicans have been hiding for the last two weeks.

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Operation Stop-Looking-At-Rove is Under Way

Bush has just asked for civility as he announced his nominee for the Supreme Court. Was supposed to be weeks from now, but there's another scandal to try to quash, dammit!

I don't know crap about this guy John Roberts, but here's an opposition paper (courtesy of Hunter at d-Kos):

John Roberts, Operation Stop-Looking-At-Rove Nominee


Bush also put a shot across the democrats bow by mentioning that he thinks this whole process can be civil. A lack of civility should be reserved, in our fair nation, for stealing presidential elections via the purging of minority voters from roles in a state run by your brother, steering a country into an unjust, illegal war, and exposing CIA agents and their NOC companies and co-workers as a means of political payback.

I'm surprised Bush didn't vomit at his own use of the word.

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Zell Miller may have met his match.

There's a new Sheriff in town. As the Republican spin machine attempts to convince the world that it's ok to commit treasonous acts so long as you can later lie about having had good intentions in the first place, they are also spewing forth some real gems:
...And Joe Wilson has no right to complain. And I think people like Tim Russert and the others, who gave this guy such a free ride and all the media, they're the ones to be shot, not Karl Rove.

Wow. Congressman Peter King, (R) from NY. Republicans not only claim the media is against them... the media that HELPED them drum up support for the war... the war that they misled the world into almost supporting... using a case they KNEW was factually innacurate... using rumors that Joe Wilson amongst others had debunked as--well--rumors... not only does Joe Wilson's wife deserve to have been outed, but any members of the press that dare question it, or dare let Wilson air his side of the story, well, they should be shot.

Remarkable. Astonishingly remarkable that the irony of these arguments is lost on supposedly intellectual, or at least supposedly intelligent, members of our Federal Government.

Nevermind that Plame was undercover. Nevermind that she worked for a company that employed many other undercover agents that were outed the moment she was, a long-standing front company rendered useless, putting many agent's lives in danger. None of that matters. What matters is that Joe Wilson dared speak out about the shitpile of lies Bush/Cheney spewed forth in the State of the Union and the surrounding months, and those god damned members of the meeeedia dared print a word of it. Those bastards.

If only they could all be more like Chris Matthew's first 20 minutes today, where he allowed closeted Repub Ken Mehlman, Chairman of the gay-hating RNC, and therefore the Queen of Irony, to speak unopposed, beautifully slobbering out the talking points. Karl Rove is a hard worker. He's had a distinguished career. I'm not going to prejudge. The Dems are playing politics with this. Follow that with some Andrea Mitchell (Karl Rove wouldn't lie) and some David Gergen (This isn't that huge of a thing) and some Matthews sidebars (Karl Rove wouldn't lie to the grand jury) and bingo, one more news cycle can melt into history.


Now, to be fair, Matthews did bring in 7-or-8-or-I've-lost-count-now-time-loser Bob Shrum to hack it out with a Republican on the undercard towards the end of the show. Transcript not yet available, but try here if you wanna. But thus is our TV News Production lesson for the day:

Unopposed Republicans are good.
Unopposed Democrats are evidence of media bias.
Unopposed Joe Wilsons make Congressman Peter King, (R) from NY call for your execution.

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Wanna see the prototype for Republican the lie machine?

Jiggy Bastards.

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Why Republican Leadership is Ruining this Country

See wegerje at kos.

Oh, there are other reasons, certainly. But in a time where blue collar jobs are leaving our shores, Bush pushes CAFTA despite the perils to the working population that have come with NAFTA. In a time where white collar jobs are leaving our shores in the age of the remote worker, John Kerry calls for measures to help slow (but not end) the outward tide, but loses to Bush, who would just as soon exacerbate the problem if it means a better bottom line to his cronies and puppeteers. In this time, we ignore the evidence of companies that consider moving work IN. Companies that consider investing vast sums of money INTO our country turn to the north, for a better educated workforce.

In a time where cost growth in health care insurance, prescription drug prices and malpractice insurance outpace the growth of prices in the rest of the economy by large margins, we make no move to slow the pace. We make no move to curb or inhibit the appetite for greed of these companiesInstead, we pass laws making it MORE difficult for those bankrupted by the costs of illness to actually receive debt forgiveness, one of the rights our citizens have always enjoyed, but one that has unfortunately interfered with the unending march of the Credit Card industry to pilfer the nation's citizens of all of their earnings through an unending march of bait-n-switch cheap debt offerings. In this time, we ignore the evidence of companies that consider moving work IN. Companies that consider investing vast sums of money INTO our country turn to the north, for a less-expensive health care burden.

Make fun of Canada all you want. Many often do. But they have found a new trick to pull jobs away from the US.

Our Republican leadership, and the string-pulling, lobbyist enablers that pander for the corporations and the wealthy, will continue to push to make the top of the money ladder higher, and the rungs at the bottom fewer and further between. In short, Republicans and the hyper-greed that feeds them are ruining this country's economic might.

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The Satire Strikes Back

First, I'm surprised I hadn't watched this yet. Second, I'm bummed at the timing. Third, I laughed my ass off.

Someone tell the folks that are still avoiding project Yellow Elephant, that Freedom costs a buck-o-five.

America, f@&# yeah!

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Um, Mr. DeLay?

There has been another article written about your improprieties, and it's been at least a few days since you invoked the name of God as a source of your political intentions. Do you need me to call another Press Conference?

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Open Mouth, Insert Fox

You have to wonder if John Gibson would have ever regretted these words if London hadn't been attacked the very next day? Actually, you have to wonder if John Gibson will ever regret these words, though he should be fired immediately.

via atrios

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What London's Attacks are Not

Today's horrible attacks are not:
  • A sign we're winning the War On Terror
  • A sign that Al Qaeda (or their ilk) have had their backs broken
  • A sign that we can protect our own people
  • A sign that "taking the fight to them" (which I agree was done in Afghanistan...not Iraq) prevents them from coming to us
  • A sign that solidarity amongst wealthy nations will discourage terrorists
  • A sign that it will ever be possible to eliminate terrorism
  • A sign that the Iraq war has made us safer

Until we admit that adjustment in our policies is as important as murdering more innocents than combatants, I suspect terrorism will thrive.

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Tragedy in London

Another horrifying terrorist attack has struck The West, this time in London, England. Initial reports note several fatalities and many more casualties. It was timed to coincide with the morning commute, hitting underground rail stations and a double-decker bus. Tony Blair has stated he suspects that the start of the G8 Economic Summit in Scotland is another reason for the timing.

Initial claim has come from a new, heretofore unknown Al Qaeda group.

My heart goes out to London and all that are affected by this tragic turn of events.

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All your internets are belong to us

You're either with our Internets, or against our Internets.

A choice quote, with regards to the presentation given by the "assistant secretary at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), Michael D. Gallagher" (um, who?):
But what is most disturbing about Gallagher's presentation, is how it endlessly refers to the president. The first slide has a picture of George Bush. The second begins "Thanks to the president's policies, America's economy is strong". The next slide is "The president's broadband vision". The next slide leads with a quote from Bush and two pictures of him. And on and on it goes. There is barely a single slide that doesn't quote from the president
Um, creepy. Here's the presentation itself. Love the pictures of Bush with his "i'm-certain-what-you're-saying-is-well-beyond-my-comprehension-so-I'll-just-purse-my-lips-and-nod" face.

One wonders if there is any region of American governmental policy the Bush Administration won't screw up for a generation.

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Po-tay-toe, Po-tah-toe

The folks at kos have compiled an intriguing list of direct comparisons between Al Qaeda, the American Taliban, and Liberals.

I think a number of these are spot on. But the most accurate paragraph is an add-on by Kos that is all too poignant:
The reasons we hate the American Taliban are the same reasons we hate fundamentalists of all stripes -- they seek to impose their own moral code on the rest of society, and do so with the zeal and moral absolutism possible only from those who believe they are doing "God's work".

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Don't click this link

If you like the fact that W challenged the terr-rissts with his now-infamous "Bring 'em on" call just over two years ago. Also, do not click this link if violent imagery is something you wish to avoid. do not click this link

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I thought holidays were for relaxation!?!?

Too much going on to focus on one thing, too much going on to ignore it all....

Yes, a Supreme Vacancy and who will Bush pick to try and stain our courts for the next 20 years. I find myself in the group of people that thinks Bush will pick the most hard-line nominee he can find. He knows nothing of retreat or nuance. He knows only his base and keeping them happy. That means someone scary. Very scary. He'll just spend the next 3 months complaining about those "obstructionist democrats" that won't give his psycho nominee and up or down vote. He wins he gets his way. He loses, he's softened up the democrats for a follow-up nominee when Rehnquist bails.

Yes, there's backlash to Bush's useless, no-news speech. Why is the backlash coming now, anyway? Because public support for the war has fallen so far? I'm sorry, but if you knew the war was wrong, and didn't say it b/c you assumed the public was behind him, then you're just as much a part of Bush's twisted system as the next guy.

Yes, there's rumors that the Valerie Plame case might finally have its most guarded secret bubble to the top of the tub : Rove. But who told him of Plame's position? Some say Bolton. Some say Cheney himself. Some think it's not a crime to reveal her name as she was not covert at the time, but that it could result in a perjury charge if Rove told the Grand Jury he wasn't the source of the leak. This story won't be the big one of the weekend, that'll be the Supreme Guessing Game and O'Connors legend. But it is this story that could further scar the President's most-trusted (and, lets face it, evil) advisor.

I'm most afraid of the Supreme choice, and most excited by the possibility of Rove squirming in his skin. Hell, he's been making us squirm for a long time now, it's about time he did the same.

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