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The Path to Lies About 9/11

Ok. So unless you're NOT the type that reads blogs every day (which is doubtful if you're seeing this) you may not have heard about the pack of lies Disney/ABC are pawning off on the American people and American school children called "The Path to 9/11". Anyways, here's what I sent to Senator Mitchell (Chairman of Disney, the parent of ABC).

Senator Mitchell,

I understand that ABC, owned by the Walt Disney Company, of which you are the Chairman of the Board, intends to air a "docu-drama" entitled "The Path to 9/11" over two nights early next week, with the program concluding on the 5th anniversary of the tragic events to which the title alludes.

As you have no doubt heard by this time, this docu-drama is rife with inaccuracies, inaccuracies that have been pointed to by Sandy Berger, Richard Clarke, Madeleine Albright, Richard Cohen, the program's own screenwriter, and others.

These inaccuracies go beyond the level one might expect as being in the nature of the "docu-drama" format, where transcripts were clearly unavailable, dramatic tension is desirable, or decency laws prevent the use of certain terms. The inaccuracies go beyond these acceptable forms and approach the level of the defamation of our government, some of its former servants, and even a former President of the United States.

In 2003, CBS had the decency to hold off on the airing of a docu-drama portraying the lives of Nancy and Ronald Reagan after questions were brought up about its accuracy. In 2004, Disney itself refused to distribute, and even attempted to STOP the distribution of Fahrenheit 9/11, a documentary with a clear opposition to George W. Bush that was released shortly before the November 2004 elections, for fear of getting into the political waters from which Disney and ABC preferred to remain separated. And now in 2006, less than two months before the 2006 mid-term elections, and on the anniversary of what many Americans consider to be the tragedy of their lives, ABC, and therefore Disney, intends to air this "docu-drama" fictionalizing several key scenes and distorting important facts about how 9/11 was able to come about, and they are doing so for free?

I do not understand.

If it was wrong to distribute Fahrenheit 9/11, a documentary that was to be shown in theaters requiring paid admission by the willing public, a documentary that went on to make millions upon millions of dollars, how is it right to broadcast The Path to 9/11 over the public airwaves for free?

If CBS was willing to pull away from broadcasting a docu-drama about the Reagans after being questioned about its accuracy, how is it that ABC is refusing to pull away from broadcasting a docu-drama about 9/11 after its accuracy is not only questioned, but its accuracy has been PROVEN to be false by the very document on which it is marketing itself as being based, the 9/11 Commission Report?

Is ABC, and therefore Disney, interested in giving what could be considered a $40million (plus the cost of the lost advertising revenue) campaign contribution to the Republican National Committee? Is ABC, and therefore Disney, insisting on promoting misguided, inaccurate lies about a former President and members of his staff? Is ABC, and therefore Disney, truly going to broadcast a story about what led to 9/11 knowing full well that the information is inaccurate? Is ABC, and therefore Disney, genuinely determined to honor the anniversary of such a tragedy with something so decidedly slanted against fact and reason?

Isn't it really that with respect to 9/11, all Americans are owed the truth from all media companies? And isn't that more true when the companies are graced with the power to broadcast on the people's airwaves? Isn't that true for ABC, and therefore Disney?

Myths are born in off-handed conversation. Legends are born from myths wrapped in stories. History itself can be distorted by legends writ large.

As an American citizen and someone who was shocked and horrified by the tragedy I felt five years ago, someone who was determined to support a fierce, accurate and JUST response against the perpetrators, and someone who hoped my country could find a way to the truth in order to help prevent future attacks, I emphatically urge you to cease all plans to air this docu-drama on the public airwaves.

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