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Typical Republican Hypocrisy

Shoot someone? Not Smith & Wesson's fault. Copy a movie? Grokster's fault.

Perhaps we should expand our prison system to house all of those dangerous downloaders... mandatory minimums too!

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention

Bush invents new cabinet-level post, 'Secretary of Failing Upwards and Anti-Wisdom'

Ok, so we all knew it was coming, and here it is. John Bolton is our new Ambassador to the United Nations. He did so despite the strong opposition from the Senate. He did so despite the strong opposition of the United Nations. And he did so despite the strong opposition of common fuc*ing sense.

Unrelated announcements by the Bushies today of equal or lesser levels of sanity:
  • Bush suggests Vladimir Putin "should have tried cheerleading"
  • Bush nominates own wife to head "He Man Woman Haters Club" he hosts weekly on White House Balcony.
  • Donald Rumsfeld promotes self to Supreme Allied Commander of Iraq, tries to revoke Shinseki's library card
  • Karen Hughes suggests Women are really more Mercury than Mars
  • Paul Wolfowitz announces World Bank to begin funding Iraqi Occupation
  • Bush nominates Billy Graham to head new program designed to evaluate benefits of Separation of Church and State
  • Dick Cheney plugs Bush's social security plan: 'Stop taking money in, stop paying money out, voila!'
  • Condoleezza Rice, today, announced the title of her upcoming book I believe it was entitled 'Bin Laden determined to kiss America's Ass' (and other funny things overheard in PDBs)
  • Bush's microphone still on in hysterical faux pas, announces love of White Baptists, distaste for 'those people on welfare and stuff'

Look, this is the guy who said the UN was nothing without the US. This is the guy that pissed off the UK by HURTING the negotiations w/ Iran on their nuclear program. This is the guy that actively tried to encourage harsher Iraqi WMD rhetoric. And, lest he only discriminate against Asian states and peace, he even threatened a woman that wanted to take maternity leave. Peachy.

This is the guy that openly, brazenly insulted the very body in which he now represents you, me, all of us. But he doesn't "represent" us. That's the problem. He represents Bush's nature as commander-in-chief in one, weird-facial-haired package : Reward Loyalty while ignoring wisdom and expert advice, no matter the short or long-term consequences to the Nation, so long as Republican spin-machine still operating.

Incompetence redefined. To every person that voted for Bush, and I say this with all due sincerity, "You are stupid. You are stupid and everything Bush does to further harm this country and the world is on your hands. You are stupid and you might argue otherwise but that will only prove you are even MORE stupid than you were on November 2nd."

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention