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Windshield Wiper Wars

My wife walks out of the mall with our two kids and our nephew and goes to get in her car and she notices something that wasn't there when she went in:

Hmmph. Obama is not a Communist, and to say that he is requires employment as a right-wing radio host or editorialist.

In a moment we can discuss what the person that did this must actually be like, but first you are no doubt wondering, "Why did they put it on your wife's car instead of someone else's?" Well, that's an easy one, as I had just put this on the back of her car a few days prior:

So, a person decided that they didn't like the Obama sticker. And they decided they wanted to tell us as much. The person then went scrambling about to find a piece of paper, ANY piece of paper with which they could leave this piece of their mind. They could just picture us being FORCED to acknowledge, even in their absence, the blinding truth of their argument. This person then scratched out the most insulting thing they could come up with and walked BACK to our car and lifted our wiper and left it there to serve in their stead. Do you think they sat and waited for my wife to get in the car just to see her response?

But again, you are no doubt wondering, "Where did they find the paper?" Well, I have a partial answer to that quandary on the back:

Where else? Their kids' coloring supplies.

We live in Southeast Michigan, so this wasn't some rural mall in a Red state, this was Somerset Mall in Troy, MI. Decent place.

I usually glare at people that still have Bush/Cheney 04 bumper stickers, but I wouldn't stoop to writing something on a piece of paper and shoving it under their wiper... Or would I? What would I write on a piece of paper I used to respond to someone sporting a McCain sticker?

I think I would write:

McCain thinks Bush's policies are working.

(Personally I think that's Obama's best attack line and he should use it in every commercial, but I digress.)

This comment might raise a hackle or two for all but the 28% still loving Bush, right? But what about the bottom of the barrel? What can you say to them that would make a point, make it better than the person that did this to us, and still get under their skin like nobody's business? And for bonus points, on what would you write the note?

I'll give it one more shot:

McCain was born before TV had commercials (written on a TV Guide cover bearing Obama's picture)

I've been thinking to myself about this quite a bit. What has to go through someone's mind to actually do this? What's the saddest part of it all? What's the funniest part of it all? What does the Political Profile of this author look like?

What, and on what, would you write?

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