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A choice quote, with regards to the presentation given by the "assistant secretary at the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), Michael D. Gallagher" (um, who?):
But what is most disturbing about Gallagher's presentation, is how it endlessly refers to the president. The first slide has a picture of George Bush. The second begins "Thanks to the president's policies, America's economy is strong". The next slide is "The president's broadband vision". The next slide leads with a quote from Bush and two pictures of him. And on and on it goes. There is barely a single slide that doesn't quote from the president
Um, creepy. Here's the presentation itself. Love the pictures of Bush with his "i'm-certain-what-you're-saying-is-well-beyond-my-comprehension-so-I'll-just-purse-my-lips-and-nod" face.

One wonders if there is any region of American governmental policy the Bush Administration won't screw up for a generation.

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