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I thought holidays were for relaxation!?!?

Too much going on to focus on one thing, too much going on to ignore it all....

Yes, a Supreme Vacancy and who will Bush pick to try and stain our courts for the next 20 years. I find myself in the group of people that thinks Bush will pick the most hard-line nominee he can find. He knows nothing of retreat or nuance. He knows only his base and keeping them happy. That means someone scary. Very scary. He'll just spend the next 3 months complaining about those "obstructionist democrats" that won't give his psycho nominee and up or down vote. He wins he gets his way. He loses, he's softened up the democrats for a follow-up nominee when Rehnquist bails.

Yes, there's backlash to Bush's useless, no-news speech. Why is the backlash coming now, anyway? Because public support for the war has fallen so far? I'm sorry, but if you knew the war was wrong, and didn't say it b/c you assumed the public was behind him, then you're just as much a part of Bush's twisted system as the next guy.

Yes, there's rumors that the Valerie Plame case might finally have its most guarded secret bubble to the top of the tub : Rove. But who told him of Plame's position? Some say Bolton. Some say Cheney himself. Some think it's not a crime to reveal her name as she was not covert at the time, but that it could result in a perjury charge if Rove told the Grand Jury he wasn't the source of the leak. This story won't be the big one of the weekend, that'll be the Supreme Guessing Game and O'Connors legend. But it is this story that could further scar the President's most-trusted (and, lets face it, evil) advisor.

I'm most afraid of the Supreme choice, and most excited by the possibility of Rove squirming in his skin. Hell, he's been making us squirm for a long time now, it's about time he did the same.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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