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Let slip the dogs of K

And we wonder why no Republicans give a flying shit about the budget deficit? 2 reasons: they're the target of too much $$ while they're in office, and they won't care if their constituents vote them out for being pandering bastards because when they lose office they'll increase their salaries by a factor of 10. Ban lobbying or watch democracy die.

Of course, if all of the Republicans live off the fat of the K long enough, to the benefit of the monied and the detriment of their constituency, they'll all lose, which will portend the rise of the Democratic congress.

A question arises of supply and demand, but both of these are seen as infinite. The demand corporations have for bilking the government is infinite. The supply of government $$ to be bilked is seen as infinite (We know it is not, but Republicans leaders of this country are near-sighted asses). So what happens?

Perhaps the Republican lobbyists that can still get something done are worth even more. Perhaps the Democratic lobbyists start pulling down the big coin. I don't know. What I do know, is that only true campaign finance reform, in conjunction with voting reform, can hope to restore our democracy, and neither is possible with Republican gerrymanderers running congress and a corporate puppet in the White House. Add to that the pile of snakes on K street and neither campaign finance or election reform can be mentioned without someone asking why we hate America.

I've said it before. Ban lobbying now. Save our democracy. Send former legislators back to a TRULY private sector life.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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