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Oil Oil bo-Boil, banana-fana-fo-foil.

My father recently said, in response to my question about what in the world had made the value of my sister's real estate skyrocket in such a way in such a short period of time, "They're not making any more lake front property."

True. How simple.

Ya know what? They're still not making any more oil.

Odd that as a resident of the USofA, I have to literally dream, nay fantasize about having a President that is willing to admit when science is science. Would that W. would find it in his cavernous skull to make an attempt at actual, real policy to hold back demand as opposed to increasing supply. Even the steps he *has* taken will take years to come to fruition. Unfortunate that our government's (spurned by our short-sighted automakers) vision never seems to take both sides of the simple economics into question. Curbing demand is the only long-term solution. Increasing supply is like chasing a ghost, and will remain so the whole way down Hubbert's Peak.

Though I don't think Exxon Mobil worries a hair on their 43%-single-year-gain loving heads.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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