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The cruel tutelage of Douglas Feith - or, why W didn't get any resistance to his Iraq invasion dreams

So, your father is threatened by a mean, nasty old man. You dream of one day being able to teach that mean, nasty old man a lesson (and force your political agenda down the country's collective gullet as a result).

Meanwhile, you begin surrounding yourself by those with a deeper, less-personal, more premeditated agenda. An agenda that encourages destabilization of the mean, nasty old man's region to the benefit of a different country entirely... a country that has been unable to succeed in its own aims to do the same.

Is it any wonder what you will do when given an excuse? Is it any wonder that those you have surrounded yourself with will encourage you to attack that mean, nasty old man? Is it any wonder that some will question whether there is any way to avoid war, and whether intelligence might be fudged to garner support?

How powerful is AIPAC? How powerful were Feith and his minions before this horrible failure of a war (which, in their minds, is not a failure, but a rousing success)? How helpless were Tony Blair and company to talk some sense into those that had wanted to attack Iraq for anywhere from 3 to 7 years? (Bush's 1999 comments to Perle & Feith's Clean Break Strategy for Israel in 1996)

If the 1996 strategy had been written by anyone else, this is a non-starter. But like the PNC (also less-fluff here), Feith and Perle have written, years in advance, the play book they now follow in public... and still we wonder what will happen next.?.?.

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