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Lobbying perks. Milking the teat without remorse.

I'm sure abuses of the lobbying industry travel both up and down the bullshit river--on both sides of the aisle--that helps erode our rights, protections and incomes.
A Senate staffer, who was having dinner at the Capital Grille, noticed a lobbyist across the bar, walked over to him and handed him his bill.

A staffer? A staffer?

Stories like this aren't the reason I've been saying that one of the fastest ways to help cure politics in this country is simply to ban lobbying altogether. But it certainly pours fuel on the fire.

No dinners. No gifts. No trips. Nada. Put the little guy back on the same level as the giant corporations. If a corporation wants more influence, let them donate money, or organize their employees to exert a thousand points of pressure instead of one heavy-handed one. If they can do that, at least they'll be talking to their labor instead of pissing on it.

Lobbying is part of the problem. Politicians need to think of their constituencies with untainted minds, and that's the last thing a lobbyist wants.

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