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Bush the Gullible, Part Deux

Is Bush believing in an exile groups claims once again?. Cannonfire explores the possible source of the Administrations dirt on Iran. Could it be we're once again allowing ourselves to be duped by a single, sketchy source, despite mountains of valid, contradictory evidence?

I have no love for Iran. I had no love for Iraq. But how can the Administration chastise Newsweek for using a single source (for information that was corroborated to all but the smallest of details, and was NOT the reason for violent protests) when they themselves used and abused the Ahmed Chalabi connection with joy and fanaticism as he pushed them the evidence he wanted (and, apparently, may have done so for Iran)?

Simple. The Bushies just don't care about the contradiction. They don't care if everything they do is a walking example of hypocrisy. That each time they take action it oozes death-riddled irony. They just don't care.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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