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Whitest guy in America plays race card

Bill Frist, senate major(pain in the ass)ity leader, the whitest man in America, has now played the "race card" on this whole Filibuster issue, attempting to ensure the last shreds of checks & balances will be torn down under a flag of discrimination. As usual, he's missing the point.

Probably bolstered by thinking like this.

But isn't it more likely Reid is talking about the era in a different context than the racial one Frist leaps to so quickly? Isn't it more likely that Frist is diagnosing from a distance again? Isn't it, in fact, more likely that Frist would use a combination of a racial and religious card to mask his power grab as one cloaked in the good and the righteous? That would be typical Republican fodder.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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