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Heads you're responsible, Tails I'm not

As the number of attacks on Iraqis and our troops each month in Iraq continues to go up, will anyone ever remember Al Qaqaa as a symptom of the Bush Administrations major lack of planning? Of Rumsfeld's pompous, only-a-citizen-would-fire-a-general-and-then-proceed-to-fuck-something-up-this-big lack of planning for the attack and its immediate aftermath?

Well, 380 tons isn't really THAT much, is it? It's only 760 thousand pounds or so, right?

Just curious. Cuz it sure seems like there are a lot of explosives over there. Those suffering from cognitive dissonance (or blatant fucking stupidity) think none of this can be based on planning. If that's true, then did someone start a factory? There's $8.8 billion missing that was "entrusted to the Coalition Provisional Authority", so maybe there was some spare cash lying around.

None of any of this is Bush's fault. The buck stops nowhere near anyone that Bush knows or talks to. The only person he ever "fired" tried to explain reality to him in reality-based-terms, and was fired for his honesty.

Isn't it ironic that Republicans preach personal responsibility but in practice they abhor the thought of Bush being held accountable for anything whatsoever? Well, Hypocrisy is their m.o. My surprise will eventually abate.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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