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Name-calling hurts feelings of cowardly right-wingers

Via atrios, thepoorman writes a scathing critique of how the Right successfully deflects genuine, brutal criticism of their horrible, brutal tactics by picking teensy little things to rant on and on about. They rant on about the teensy little things... and never address the larger issue--that the Bush Administration is a gulag-running bunch of lying sinners.

Yes. Sinners.

Because Newsweek writing a story about the Quran being desecrated is an unholy abomination and a prime example of the abuses of the Freedom of the Press. Beatings, torture, rape, murder... those are Jim Dandy! Didn't you hear what I just said about Newsweek? Those other nasty things are the kinds of stuff that happen in a War on Terror, and should, therefore, never be discussed or addressed, no matter the criticism or evidence of wrongdoing. Instead, we must pick a word, label it "absurd" or something of that ilk, wait 2 days, and call it old news about which all questions have been answered.

A series of prisons that spans the globe, out of reach of--or at least out of touch with--international authorities, is being run by the Chicken Hawks of the Bush Administration with the support of big-business and the right-wing nutjobs that call themselves Christians. Gulag is an appropriate term.

These nuts deserve to be called names, and, apparently, it upsets them enough to actually get a response.

Normal criticism--legitimate, reasoned, thoughtful, evidence-supported criticism--bounces back from their rubber and sticks to our glue.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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