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GOP... easy as WCP

Howard Dean is getting his ass handed to him by Dems and Republicans alike for speaking a simple, obvious truth to the masses.

But as kos points out, with assistance from AMERICAblog, what's all the fuss about the truth?
In the Congress, with 274 of the 535 elected senators and representatives Republican, only five are minorities - three Cuban Americans from Florida, a Mexican American from Texas and a Native American senator originally elected as a Democrat

But that's okay too. Cuz the guys at MyDD remind us that it won't always be that way. Good things will come to those who wait. I'm with Chris at MyDD. By "good", I do not mean Christianity declining. I mean the branch of the Republican Party that has been able to cloak itself in Christianity as a means to an end... as a means to keep themselves in a strong majority based on religion rather than politics. The separation of Church and State should cross over to the separation of religion and politics, and this can not fully happen unless/until these trends play out.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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