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Schiavo -- Retraction from Frist coming post haste, I'm sure

The population of my bomb may never stop growing.

We find, as all sane, non-religious-fundamentalist-puppets were aware before her death, that Terri Schiavo's autopsy confirms her atrophied, pained existence without a doubt.

"Culture of Life" has but one rule : Life starts when the conservative at the microphone says it starts and ends when God says it ends1.

1except when the conservative at the microphone is:
  • W. as Governor, sending a record number of inmates to their death
  • W. as President, sending a record number of Iraqis to their death
  • W. as President, sending 1700+ Americans to their death over lies and fixed facts
  • Tom DeLay as Tom DeLay, pandering.
  • Bill Frist as Bill Frist, pandering.
  • Dobson

Anyways. How can we trust Frist to help run this country, when he is abusing his education as a medical practitioner in this country by diagnosing a woman, via video, having never met her, from the floor of the Senate in a way that is meant to call into question the numerous, qualified diagnoses of the same woman by medical practitioners that did in fact MEET THE WOMAN! MULTIPLE TIMES.

The simple answer is that we can't. But Wingnuttia careth not. They told Frist to march on out there and say some dumb shit cuz their bible-thumping, science-hating followers would lap it up, and Frist is in no position to question the will of the, I mean, The Lord our God.

Power is their poison, folks, and unfortunately, their power is poison to us all.

MSNBC Link to Frist's el-stupido diagnosis via Think Progress via atrios.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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