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Manjoo = Cannon Fodder

Farhad Manjoo gets boomed by a large retort from Cannonfire.

And Cannonfire is right when he makes the point he often repeats (which bears repeating at the top of his lungs and ours)
In 2004, the exit pollsters also asked the voters about their choice in 2000. The majority of respondents said that they had pulled the lever for "Bush" in that election. Yet in 2000, AL GORE WON THE POPULAR VOTE.
He[Manjoo] refuses to explain how, in the known political universe, the exit pollsters might encounter so many people resistant to Bush's charms in 2004 who nevertheless brag about (or confess to) voting for Bush in 2000. If Bush voters are by nature reluctant to speak to those eeee-vil pollsters, why doesn't this reluctance color the question about Bush/Gore?
Given that tidbit, how can one argue that Democrats were more likely to respond to the 2004 exit pollsters? That explanation don't fly for why exits showed Kerry winning, no matter how many times people try to reuse it.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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