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Why can't we call a fascist a fascist?

If you look at fascist states and try to find the commonalities, perhaps you'll end up with a list that makes it pretty obvious what our modern Republicans have done--and are trying to maintain.

No wonder they don't like hearing the word "democratic", but instead replace it with "democrat", as in : I don't like what some would call a staple of the democrat agenda.

They (the fascists masquerading as Republicans) want to cast "democrat" in a pejorative light, much as they've succeeded in casting "liberal". Any agenda that is the "democrat" agenda is forced on you. It is not "democratic" in nature. It is "democrat" in nature, and therefore liberal, and therefore bad. Only a modern Republican could lie to your face, accusing his opponents of the crimes he knows himself guilty. One marvels.

Meanwhile, they (the fascists masquerading as Republicans) follow the 14 points--plus a few horrifying ones of their own--down the road to fascist dictatorship. Of course, unless they can get a good reason to declare martial law and suspend elections, they'll probably just take turns in The Big Chair in the Big White House, moving money to their cronies and playing war with the children of the masses and the money of your great grandchildren.

It's a shame the Press doesn't call them (the fascists masquerading as Republicans) out on all of this.

I have told friends, that I can respect a Republican that points out how un-Republican and un-American these men are. I have friends that have done so. But those that blindly support this approach are worse traitors than the perpetrators themselves. Those that hide under the cloak of the church in order to further this same agenda are also traitors, but they tack on blasphemy for good measure. Not all Christian supporters of this movement are aware of what they support, so they can be forgiven their lack of knowledge, but should be ashamed their Christian learnings didn't make it painfully obvious.

Perhaps the only thing that could slow or stop them (the fascists masquerading as Republicans) is a large contingent of their own party standing up, and saying, "No. Stop. Enough. The country we leave behind is worth more than the power we enjoy today and wish to maintain tomorrow."

Pity. As the country would rally behind that group (the Republicans that are today just playing along with the aforementioned fascists, who are themselves masquerading as Republicans).


I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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