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George W. Bush, October 3, 2000
We can reform the tax code, so that families can keep more of what they earn ...more dollars that they can spend on what they value, rather than on what the government thinks is important.

We can restore the ideals of honesty and honor that must be a part of our national life, if our children are to thrive.

When I look at the administration now in Washington, I am dismayed by opportunities squandered.

Saddened by what might have been, but never was.

These have been years of prosperity in our land, but little purpose in the White House.

Saddened, indeed.

George W. Bush, July 11, 2006
This good news is no accident. It's the result of the hard work of the American people and sound policies in Washington, D.C.

Here, Bush is bragging about the fourth largest deficit our country has ever run. Bragging. Inflate the deficit and overestimate it where need be, so when you manage to pare it back a tiny bit, you can brag? That's like saying to your boss you so totally fucked up last week, that this week, when you only fucked up half as bad, you deserve serious kudos.

The wealthiest of Americans are keeping more of what they earn and the ground is being made up by the middle class. Everyone's children and grandchildren are losing out on what they'll earn because they're going to have to pay it all back.

As a reminder, here's my favorite least-favorite chart.

Saddened, indeed.

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