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Mexican Jumping Ballot-Boxes

The entire Mexican Election reeks (via Cannonfire).

The most-telling picture to me, especially having waded through this thread at Kos about the election results as they came in, is this graphic:
Those curves look like almost, well, perfect inversions of each other, no? Note how clear it is that the fraudsters had to wait until the initial results were in before they were able to determine the *amount* of votes they had to tip. As soon as that point is reached, the trends begin to curve for the two leading candidates, and the others don't move one bit from their respective trends.

Paging the mass media.

[UPDATE] Although he's not posting as often as I would like, Greg Palast has been posting about the election, and is said to be on his way to Mexico to cover the story further. Perhaps after he arrives the updates will be more frequent.

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