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And now for something completely batty

We are a Nation at War. In this Time of War, one cannot risk staying on the sidelines, just hoping for a just outcome.

Instead, you have to dive in on all fronts and fight for what's right. You have to fortify your stomach and prepare for the worst things your enemies might throw at you. You have to train, and you have to plan, and you must, above all else, be willing to go to lengths your enemy would never expect.

Yes, the war is raging. I urge you to bypass the traditional media and its bias in presenting the true horrors of war. Instead, visit the frontlines yourself, and bring your headphones, as audio is most definitely required.

The first shots were fired late on Friday, July 7th, 2006, by Atrios.

The Editors responded the following day with a vicious counter.

Sadly, No kicked them both in the nads while they weren't looking.

And then it was ON.

So far I think the two Male Leads from Star Trek have been the heaviest blows thrown.

As Atrios might say, we may not know for about six months whether an acceptable outcome is even possible. After that, expect the convening of a major Blogger Ethics Tribunal to explore the possibility of YouTube crimes.

Perhaps our dear leader can carry us through.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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