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Get Your Public Out of My Republican Empire!

While a recent commenter would love to ignore polls wholeheartedly, in the immortal worlds of Hannibal Lecter upon learning of what "Multiple Miggs" had said to Clarice Starling, "I myself, cannot".

American Research Group is out with a new poll that is popping up all over the place, including mcjoan's post at DailyKos.

Do you favor or oppose the United States Senate passing a resolution censuring President George W. Bush for authorizing wiretaps of Americans within the United States without obtaining court orders?

3/15/06      Favor   Oppose   Undecided

All Adults
   46%     44%      10%

Voters        48%     43%       9%

Republicans   29%     57%      14%

Democrats     70%     26%       4%

Independents  42%     47%      11%

I'm not sure why Feingold is still considered a kook by Republican commentators and supposed journalists. A few more Democrats have come out in favor of censure, and I commend them for that. Though, quite a few Democrats still have some splaining to do. I do enjoy this take from Jeffrey Feldman over at Kos, however that claims the resolution has put the Republicans in the midst of a situation where they do not control the frame of the discussion. Perhaps.

But no amount of bloviating by either side will change the simple fact that Bush has actively, willingly broken the law. It will not change the fact that Bush continues to actively, willingly break the law. And it will not change the fact that the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee--tasked with legislative oversight of these very policies--is just fine and dandy with Bush actively, willingly breaking the law.

Funny, however, that even 29% of Republicans aren't buying any of the bunk-ass logic put forth by the Administration and its enablers. If we have a President that is above the law, even under the guise of War Time (a war longer than WWII and with no definitive enemy), and we have a legislature unwilling to cry foul and a judiciary unwilling to pull back the reins when given the opportunity to address the situation, the power of the people is all that remains intact. If the people aren't all on board with the status quo, then get the people out of the picture?

Maybe that's why we see HR 4900 garnering support?

I shudder to think.

p.s. Blogger/Blogspot is hosed tonight. This post might not ever see the light of day. I couldn't recover a number of great links because so many blogs were beyond my grasp. I have both Good Night and Good Luck and A History of Violence burning a whole in my tabletop so I can't wait around forever. Glenn Greenwald and Digby did a one-two on the NSA/Censure that puts everyone to shame (in terms of quality and content, alike) so fish around there if this whole Internets thing starts functioning again at blogspot.

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