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Mr. President, we must not allow a gay-bashing gap!

The culture of life is really the culture of White Christian Heterosexual Males who hate or fear those not like them and deeply adore the unborn and braindead that are incapable of telling the pandering bigots to stop trying to represent them.

You see, the insider-trading Bill Frist plans to Bring in da' Homophobia on the Senate floor just in time to rile up some gay-bashin' good times.

Can someone explain how gay marriage harms heterosexual marriage? I'm still waiting for that, cuz I just don't get it. 2 women married to each other, or 2 men married to each other aren't gonna do a thing to my marriage or my kids. I just don't get it. Who can blame them with a shitty economy that keeps gettin' shittier (if you can look past the damned numbers-games they float to the press), they just want to codify their affections and get the same tax and health care breaks the rest of us can get. So what's the harm?

Oh, now I remember.

Elections are coming up. Republicans haven't done anything they didn't fuck up. Bush is the anti-Midas.

Best to find a minority to bash for political gain. Best to degrade American politics into an argument over who hates minorities the most (an argument which thankfully will ALWAYS be won by anti-American Republicans like Frist).

For God's sake, do NOT talk about Iraq, Osama, Illegal Wiretaps, Abramoff, Downing Street, Katrina, Alito, Iran, North Korea, the Medicare Prescription Drug fiasco, the Economy, riDICKulously expensive health insurance, or anything else that actually affects the lives of Americans and serves as a perfect example of how ineffective, ineffectual, incapable and, most-of-all, un-American the wholly-Republican-controlled mess has become.

They have absolutely nothing, nothing to run on except two things: fear of terrorism and fear of peepee touching peepee owners.

It's not a sign of the times for America. It's a sign of their willingness to literally scare up some votes. It's a sign of the sad, sad state into which these piss-poor governors have driven our political discourse. It's a sign of their one true fear--that the American Everyman will stand back and notice just how lousy Republicans have been at their jobs.

With no record, Republicans will instead resort to sleight-of-hand, distracting the masses from profound and devastating failures by announcing their intentions to shove a bit' o' the ol' Bible into the Constitution itself.

When you're a far-right Republican and discrimination is un-Constitutional, best to re-Constitutionalize discrimination.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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