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I have had Brad Blog on Ye Olde Blogrolle almost since I started this thing (which wasn't that long ago--intertia and all that).

What frustrates me, and Brad, of course, is the public's willingness to allow the media (save Olbermann in the month or two immediately following the '04 election) to continue to ignore things that are so damned freaky.

Who did you vote for in '04? Are you sure? Because if you voted electronically, or your vote was tallied electronically, you'll never really know.

This is another post by Brad, who is now getting some facetime at Huffington Post.

The topic is of course voter fraud, with some more freaky numbers straight outta Ohio.

I wonder if there are programmers out there somewhere that have put together an Open Source Alternative to Diebold and their ilk? It's not as if Open Source code is inherently insecure due to its being open source. In fact the opposite may be true. It's the open nature of the code that makes it more trustworthy.

If our votes are not cast as intended, do we really have a democracy? If we can't be sure that are votes are cast as intended, will we ever really be sure?

BradBlog and cannonfire (where Joseph Cannon still touches on the topic occasionally, and did so fiercely after the election) are two good places to frequent if you're interested, which you should be.

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