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Cheney has sucked for a loooooong time

There is an excellent Sidney Blumenthal post on Truthout today (originall from Salon), that discusses Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rummy, Libby. They've been humping each other's legs for a long time. Some interactions with Nixon, Ford, Carter, Bush Sr, Reagan are highlited.

What's striking is how frequently the Cabal deliberately set up a second version of the truth. Ho often their ideas got rebuked or ignored by superiors as too risky or closed-minded. Thank goodness.

Unfortunately, Cheney was smart enough to know opportunity when he saw it. When Dubya let Cheney pick himself, he set himself up to be the window-dressing President for the Cheney Administration. Cheney brought his cabal back together knowing full well that he would no longer be vetoed. Dubya was too stupid to see it coming, and he's either too stupid or too weak to fight back ideas that better men were able to see through as paranoid, short-sighted, or risky.

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