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The Spin Begins - LIBBY indicted for lying to reporters

I heard "Tony Snow" on Bill Maher last night say that the indictment (which Snow bragged about having taking the time to read) basically came down to LIBBY being indicted for lying to reporters.


LIBBY was indicted for lying to the FBI and the Grand Jury. Repeatedly. He lied about what he knew. He lied about who told him what he knew. And then, finally, he lied about WHAT HE SAID to reporters. Regardless of what he was originally saying to Russert, Cooper, and Miller--which, had it been a lie, is no crime whatsoever--he did not factually recount what he had said.

Had LIBBY told Russert that George Bush is a fully-recovered alcoholic that hasn't had a drink in years, and that Cheney hasn't uttered a cuss-word since somebody shot JR, that isn't a crime. Had LIBBY then come into the Grand Jury and said that he told Russert that Dubya was still recovered and Cheney didn't have a potty mouth, then it still isn't a crime. Regardless of how factual either of those bullshit statements were in the first place. The point is whether he's factual about what was said. That's what perjury is, lying, under oath, about some facts and knowing you are lying when you do so.

All of this intentional misdirection put forth by LIBBY is objstruction of justice, and the reason for that charge. Had LIBBY been factual, and had Judith Miller not held out to protect LIBBY (and continued that attempt in her testimony after her release), it's entirely possible I wouldn't be having to write this right now, and quite likely Dubya would be meeting w/ the architect for his Presidential Library (Plenty of space for Archie comics and an alcove where visitors can reenact The Pretzel Incident with historical accuracies previously unimagined).

Glenn Greenwald (via atrios)

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