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Cult of Hypocrisy, part Deux

Will someone please explain to me when a lie is really a lie? Between Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Tom DeLay and Dick Cheney and Bill Frist, it's a wonder a school-age child could figure it out for themselves.

What self-respecting Christian would put these guys up as role-models to their kids again? Oh, yeah. Single-issue-voters...

"Little Jimmy-Sue, It's okay to lie, cheat, perjure yourself, take your country to war on false pretenses and anything else the hell you want so long as you *claim* you would overturn Roe v Wade (which you won't do, because you'll still need the abortion issue come next election cycle)."

"Ok, mommy."

Honor and integrity indeed.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


Blogger B_independant said...

Well, it has been said :), that Clinton made second base a blow job instead of... well whatever it was previous.

The legacy of this administration will be crimes that really aren't crimes, lies that really aren't lies. And English that well, jesus christ, sounds like a broken record.

27 October, 2005 00:26  

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