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DeLay recorded doing horrible British accent, resigns in shame

Look, it's one thing to get out there and try and squirm your fat belly through the oily cracks in the campaign finance laws of our country, but it's another thing entirely to start meeting with former heads of state to make laws in their favor.

Why are they worried about this guy again? I thought the Wingnuts hated the hoity toity Brits, save Tony Blair during his most visceral (shorter sentences and fewer syllables) speaking engagements.

If DeLay can't see to it that legislation is created for the right reasons he has no business being a congressman, and I should think all those Texans out there would agree. Seems like if there's one thing a true Wingnut wouldn't be able to stand it's a ferrner trying to tell them how to run their country.

DeLay is, was, and always will be for sale.

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