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DVR : Michigan 31, Michigan State 31

Lawn mower acted up on me this morning. My plan to have the lawn done by kickoff went painfully awry. But, I asked my wife to record it, and I'd watch it when I had the chance.

Roundabout 4:30 or so I started up the game.

Decent. My wife missed the our first few touchdowns, but I can deal. The pain came when we were marching down the field with the game tied, but under 3 minutes left. Michigan started milking the clock, hoping for a field goal in the waning seconds.

Wide Right.


My DVR recording ended.

I walked reluctantly to the ol' laptop to find out the score from the Internets.

Reality: Michigan 34, Michigan State 31

We caught some good breaks in the game. But our offense made an appearance for the first time in a while. Did well enough in the 2nd half to get by, but the first half went well. If only that had happened against Wisconsin and ND. If only.

As a p.s., how about that nasty broken leg in the end-zone ESPN won't stop showing. Ugh.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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