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Honey, where did I leave that 2 Trillion Dollars?

So, Greenspan has loose lips, telling everyone but Bush (who wouldn't listen) that the deficit is out of control.

Meanwhile, back in the States...

So, MSNBC's Tom Curry notes that tax breaks are making it harder for congress to make ends meet in the wake of Iraq & Katrina.

Meanwhile, back in the Jungle...

Note to Greenspan: Don't say that too loudly, China and Japan might be listening, and Bush needs to borrow $400 billion or so next year to kill people in Iraq and pay millionaires and put luxury condos in the 109th ward (renamed to something cooler than that old-world "9th Ward" after all the black folk are priced out of the market and the government-funded Operation Stilts lifts the entire area to 15 feet above Lake Pontchartrain)

And, how is it that Curry can write an entire article about tax breaks making GAO guys drool, without mentioning the $3.7 Trillion in tax cuts Bush holds to as though they were his ticket out of serving in Nam?!?! He even suggests the convenience of taking away the three tax breaks most Americans can actually understand and take advantage of :
Consider this as a thought experiment: if hurricane recovery ends up costing the Treasury $235 billion, all of it could be paid for by Americans giving up just for one year three tax breaks: the tax-free status of employers’ contributions for their workers’ medical insurance premiums, the deductibility of home mortgage interest, and the $1,000-per-child tax credit for each child under age 17.

Now, he's not exactly advocating this step. But why mention it? Why not mention that you could pay for Katrina 3 times over if Bush were contemplating the same laws of physics as the rest of the brain-toting masses? If Bush were willing to agree that the scenery has changed, that he is a pragmatist, and that, unfortunately, not even he and J-dogg can keep the deficit from ballooning out of control absent greater revenue, then maybe the American people would be understanding. Are there really that many supply-siders out there (outside the beltline and Texas) that would revolt? Why would there be after the last 5 years? Certainly there are no supply-siders out there takin' home less than 50k after-taxes. If there are, someone needs to reeducate them.

Bush is at 38% approval as it is. He might as well try to make sense now that he's made such a giant pile of shit. Hell, I bet it might even impress people. I know I'm not holding my breath.

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