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Bush is Sowwee, needs to go Pee Pee

On Tuesday, Bush squirmed and squinted and pursed his lips through a statement where he accepted responsibility for the Federal Government's snail like response to Katrina.

The result of all those dead people that might have been saved is poll numbers Clinton never even had nightmares about.

Perhaps if Condie Rice could have been there to give him permission to do something about Katrina, this all wouldn't have been such a giant, deadly mess.

Bush isn't just in a Bubble, he's trapped in some sort of mother/son fantasy camp where he's the most powerful kid in the world and he has to say "Mother, May I?" before he takes any action. Unfortunately, when Bush's playtime mother and his 3 uncles Rove, Cheney and Rummy aren't nearby, people die.

And, as if Bush's lopsided economic actions weren't enough, Katrina's economic toll is starting to be tallied. Good thing Bush stepped in to allow Halliburton to undercut prevailing wages... wouldn't want that company goin' broke, not w/ Dick Cheney's retirement at stake.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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