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George W. Bush's Katrina Thought-Process Flowchart

As I look back on that last 10 days, I continue to wonder, "What the hell was W. thinking?"

I give you my thoughts on that matter. Available in both jpg and png for your viewing disgust.

[Update 1 - Click the image for a larger view. Once that opens, (in IE) hover your mouse over the image and wait until an X hovers in the lower-right of the image. Click this X and the image will be shown full-size. Or, just rt-click, save locally, and zoom away]

[Update 2 - A hearty welcome to those coming in from The Poor Man Institute. Kossacks can also comment in the diary where I cross-posted the flowcharts]



Visit the ThinkProgress timeline for more evidence of the stomach churning ineptitude.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

cant read it would like to

07 September, 2005 22:55  
Blogger progprog said...

Just updated post to try to give clearer directions on viewing entire image.

07 September, 2005 23:01  
Blogger Phoenix Woman said...

You need to add another rectangle, showing Bush helping the oil industry before he helped anyone else:

08 September, 2005 10:21  
Blogger B_independant said...

I don't remember seeing a flip people off as a failure state :). Mind linking to a like minded fellow,

09 September, 2005 21:20  

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