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Chertoff Bush's New Top Liar?

Look, you can't trust a word any of these guys say.

Izzy at Booman Tribune points out the levee breaking back on Monday, and worsening over the course of the day.

They studied this scenario. They were warned of this scenario. They cut funding for this scenario. The scenario came. And they all stayed on vacation.

Now, they want to blame the locals. Now, they want to claim they didn't know the scenario was even possible. They did know. And they all stayed on vacation.

The Republican Noise Machine will be chock full of two things this week.

First, you will hear endless criticism of everyone NOT in the Bush Administration, especially the inner-circle. No one Bush hires has ever failed.

Second, you will hear stall-tactics anytime someone raises immediate accountability, as in, "These guys have fucked up so bad so far shouldn't they just be replaced right away?" This question is valid, and only asked usefully right away. But if it is asked, they will pull exactly what Chertoff did on MTP this morning, they will say that now is not the time to ask questions, now is the time to worry about the disaster and get some work done.

As I posted previously, Brad Miller, D-NC nailed this completely. And Chertoff either took his advice or took his orders from Rove.

Bush is an incompetent President, if for no other reason (though there are many, many other reasons) than that he hires incompetents. He promotes incompetents. The greater the incompetence, the greater the promotion. Chertoff and his Department of Homeland Antiterrorism Drills That Ignore FEMA's Original Charter Completely Despite Being Warned Against Doing So are a currently-blazing example that has resulted in loss of life.

Tragic beyond words.

Looks like they don't even know who is in charge over there. Which goes a long way toward explaining their colossal failure.

Criminal negligence.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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