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The Mayor of New Orleans lashes out...

When asked what could be done, Mayor Nagin had a lot to say, including"I don't wanna see anyone do any more goddamn press conferences".

President Bush was not made aware of this. Bush followed up his cake-eating romp earlier this week with his ill-informed comments through Wednesday and Thursday, and then moved on to several combination press-conference/photo-ops in the affected areas.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where have the governers of LA and the mayors of NO been for the past 20 years while it has been common knowledge that New Orleans would be wiped out by a hurricane about Cat 3??? There has been many years to prepare but they have all said "not to worry". So look inward you folks, you were not prepared for something that was going to happen sometime. Even if you had heeded the hints from Florida last year, you could have avoided some of this!

05 September, 2005 09:02  
Blogger progprog said...

It's very much in the record that those in New Orleans have been asking for help, and W. has been cutting the funding.

It's also very much in the record that those in FEMA did not want to be placed under Homeland Security, and W. has done so anyway.

There are more links than you can google, if you dare. Support Bush if you will, and spread the blame to the locals if you so choose, but there are very few intelligent people in this country that don't see Bush as having failed miserably this last week.

05 September, 2005 09:10  

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