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GOP Priorities are Anti-American

The GOP has priorities I cannot understand.

W. stayed on vacation a few days after Katrina hit. What's a few more days out of five weeks, anyways? Couldn't hurt. As I've stated, just some black folk down there.

Bill Frist is looking to vote on repealling the estate tax on Tuesday. Congress is back in town, Katrina has distracted us all, and taxation is the only thief that can affect the super rich. Besides, the super rich are being forced to give their money to charity in order to avoid paying taxes. Best to take from those damned charities before they are able to do any good, that might make the Republican core beliefs seem anti-American.

Condolezza Rice, who, by the way, represents our nation to other heads of state in the absence of W., went to see "Spamalot" on Broadway. She also purchased several thousand dollars worth of shoes. Meanwhile, some of her fellow African Americans waded through feces-riddled, undrinkable water and died in the lawn chairs they toted to the New Orleans Convention Center.

Michael Chertoff, the head of the Homeland Security Department, has held many a press-conference, but appears to have pooch punted his duties to the local authorities. Unless they ask for help, why should Homeland Security be concerned? No word on whether electricity and the phones are back up in New Orleans, but until Michael Chertoff hears first-hand word from whoever is in charge in New Orleans, he will continue pushing his book, "How to be a Fucking Jackass, and other ways to Succeed in George Bush's Cabinet".

Dick Cheney is still on vacation.

Rehnquist is dead, though. My guess is Bush will take fewer than 4 days to respond to this.

One dead white SCJ will always be worth more to W. than 10 thousand dead black folk in a Red State. It's his chance to implant on the court his bastardized views of the world. He'll find someone that agrees with him on abortion, privacy, state's rights (especially when one can ignore state's rights in order to annoint a Bush as president), and faith-based initiatives. This person will be under 50 years of age so that he/she can ride the court, unaccountably, for decades.

These views of course have nothing to do with helping people. They have everything to do with "Jesus Saves" and "No Taxes" and "Terr'rists = Bad". They have everything to do with politicizing the supposedly-neutral court system. They have everything to do with settling disputes that can not be legislated. They have everything to do with overturning long-standing court-decisions that affect the lives of millions of Americans.

Helping people is not a motive of any Bush follower. Helping their own pocketbook is often a motive. Bankrupting the Federal Government to starve social programs is sometimes a motive. Hell, bringing on the fucking rapture is a motive of some of these people. But helping people that need help is not of their concern.

Displacing dictators in foreign countries, and then claiming it was to help the people of that country that needed help... that's good. Because it is a good reason to blow shit up and shake our big, collective American dick at those ferr'ners. But it doesn't actually help Americans.

9/11 killed 2,985 people. Katrina may have killed more than that.

But there is no one to demonize for Katrina. Katrina is a vapor. Katrina is a word used to anthropomorphise a giant wrecking ball shaped by mother nature. You can't bomb mother nature for revenge. But you sure as shit can bomb the wrong guy for revenge. Hell, you can even get reelected on it.

And that's their priority. Find someone to demonize, and it makes you look better.

Democrats want to tax you to pay for all of this war shit we're doing? Those FUCKERS! Those DEMONS! How dare they??!?!

Terrorists are in our midst! They're masquerading as Americans that read books that say bad things about W.! Those FUCKERS!

New Orleans needs help and is complaining that they haven't received it? We never got a phone call (from a place with no phones)! Those FUCKERS!

Democrats are the ones that are taxing you when you die! We have to repeal the Death Tax right away! People are dying in New Orleans and we could help them instead? Those FUCKERs! Don't they know we have rich people that might have to give to charity instead of sitting on their mountains of wealth?

Demonize us all, and what are they left to lead? Demonize us all, and what does it say about their leadership?

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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