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A Moment of Accountability

Rep Brad Miller, D-NC, deserves the credit for putting these thoughts into my head.

Here they are.

And Chertoff was just on Meet the Press playing this exact strategy to a tee. For now, say nothing. Eventually, claim it's opening old wounds and counterproductive.


The President of Jefferson Parrish in New Orleans just relayed a terrifying story of one of his emergency workers. The worker had a relative in a Nursing Home. She was able to get to the phone, and each day she would call and beg, "Are ya comin' to get me today?" He told her they were comin' on Tuesday. He told her they were comin' on Wednesday. He told her they were comin' on Thursday. He told her they were comin' on Friday. She drowned Friday night.

I'll post the transcript link if I get it.

[Update] Atrios has a partial transcript

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