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Bush inspires new word - Schmuckountability!

Now is not the time for the blame game. We keep hearing those words from Republicans of every stripe with regards to Katrina's aftermath.

I argued several days ago, that Brown and Chertoff should be fired now, rather than later. Prior to that, Rep Brad Miller D-NC had predicted exactly the tactic the Republicans would take. Maybe I missed the memo, but Miller's taking note of this approach finally made me realize it was what we had been seeing all along.

Preach personal responsibility, but do not practice it. Follow the Republican mindset of "I got mine you shoulda got yours", which itself is an ode to personal responsibility. But when that responsibility involves admitting an error or taking blame, push it off until tomorrow. Procrastinate. Delay.

And then, at some phantom moment in time, flip the logic to letting sleeping dogs lie. Let bygones be bygones. Let's not dig up those old topics, we've got enough problems today. Only for that phantom moment do you actually allow someone to question you.

Which brings me to my new, Bush-inspired word.

  1. Liable to being called to account but refusing to accept the responsibility until one is ready; answerable, but unwilling to answer until convenient
  2. That can be explained were it not the responsibility of a schmuck: an inexplicably unaccountable hypocritical state

schmuc-kount-a-bil-i-ty or schmuc-kount-a-ble-ness n.
schmuc-kount-a-bly adv.

n : responsibility to someone or for some activity, without ever allowing for evaluation, or determination, of successfully meeting said responsibility, or into reasons behind a failure to meet said responsibility

Bush feels he is accountable to no one.

We know better. He's schmuckountable. He's partially schmuckountable for 9/11. He's schmuckountable for Iraq. He's schmuckountable for our job-less recovery. He's schmuckountable for the massive debts he's building up for your grandchildren to pay for. And he's sure as hell schmuckountable for the Katrina aftermath.

All of these topics are important. Katrina is the latest, and may be the deadliest in the end, but do not forget the others. We can't let the administration push their accountability down the road forever. They've been schmuckountable long enough.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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