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Commander-in-Hissy Fits

As I am reading Howard Fineman this morning, I'm struck by the phrase:

Katrina's winds have unspun the spin of the Bush machine, particularly the crucial idea that he is a commanding commander in chief.

Hmm. Commanding?

He can't utter a sentence without mispronouncing a word, doubling back, or stammering. He sits in a chair, reading, when we are attacked. He leaps out of his chair like a frightened boy or purses his lips and grinds his teeth in annoyance during debates. He goes around the country from city to city insisting that rows of his carefully-selected audience be forced to sit behind him as a metaphorical backdrop of support, whether they actually support it matters not. His own staff doesn't like to give him bad news for fear of him having a cow right then and there! W. isn't commanding, he's just the arguably-elected Commander-in-Chief.

I wish the Press would stop telling us what people's perceptions are of W. He's popular? He's commanding? Please.

But, this is Fineman, so he gets a jab against the Democrats--and a pro-Hillary-nomination comment--to close the piece. I'm still struggling to meet Democrats that are actually pro-Hillary. I think Republicans want her to be the nominee because they will beat her silly in the general, so perhaps Fineman is carrying their water here, as usual.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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