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$2.50/Gallon=good. $4.00/Gallon=bad.

Leave it to the genuinely incomparable Billmon to dig up another quote from the archives, that, when juxtaposed with a recent quote, is guaranteed to make you ill.

The oil companies have conspired to keep gas prices artificially high by limiting the refinery capacity in our fair land.

The government has worked dilligently to keep the price artificially low, by refusing to tax the stuff at higher rates, and spending many many billions of dollars keeping the region providing it kinda-sorta-maybe on our side so long as we turn our head when they support terrorism and suppress the rights of their people (were the costs passed to us directly through a gasoline tax, rather than indirectly through income and other taxes).

Well, we see where that gets us.

Reduction in refining capacity coupled with artificially low prices have conspired to put us in a real pickle. We hit some massive bumps in the road w/ Katrina & Rita effectively halving the refining capacity of our nation for a month. We have other countries, including Canada and Venezuela promising to help us out. Boost capacity. Pump faster [I swear, this country can talk anyone into pumping faster.]

The artificially low prices masked the real cost of oil, and thus gasoline and jet fuel, meaning we all took it for granted and didn't care how much we used. The result is that we have become the most energy-hungry, horsepower-lovin' sumbitches the world over.

Why make cars more efficient, when oil is cheap again? Hallelujah! Why buy more efficient cars, when oil is still cheap? Sweet Jesus! Why build more refineries, when we're swimming in supply as it is, good Lord! Why let our citizens know how much their oil really costs, when they're having such a sinfully-good time usin' all that stuff? Lord ha'mercy! Why push for cleaner-burning fuels, when they're too expensive to be practical? Praise Allah! Why worry about global-warming, when the weathers fine, and oil is so cheap?

The difference between the Bush stance on energy in 2001, and Bush's most recent paupers plea for conservation from its citizens, is Demand and his two side-bitches, Katrina and Rita. This terrifying trio have caused a ripple. But if Bush is out there preaching conservation, we should look at it as a tsunami.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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