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Ruining Country for Political Cover Fascinating Stuff.

Tim Russert worries me these days. It's ok with me if politics is interesting to him--it must be or he wouldn't have the job he has, which is to act non-partisan while questioning a panel that is heavily tilted to the right, lobbing softballs at Republican guests, berating Democratic Presidential Nominees, and the like.

But this is just silly:
But it’s going to be quite interesting to see how this all plays out with the court. There are some people in the White House that feel, very strongly, they prefer to have a controversial Supreme Court nominee to get the debate in the country back on moral values, cultural values and off of Katrina, Iraq and Tom DeLay.

So, it plays several different ways. It’s going to be fascinating.

To Timmy, it's fascinating to see Bush use a Supreme Court nomination to throw off the scent. As a distraction. As a payoff to the nutty Right. Placing someone in a lifetime appointment isn't a time for deep and thoughtful consideration, it's a time to cover your ass and the giant, stinking, criminal ass of your party leadership.

But to Timmy, this is not a problem. This is cool stuff to be watched with breath fully-baited. This is a time to marvel at the political machinations of the Republican way of governing: Power = Everything. Making government work can be left to the Democrats if and when they win some elections.

Until then, gather power. Usurp what you can. Feed the rich. Fuck the poor. Bend every rule. Take corporate payoffs. Give political paybacks. Bow to lobbyists. Lie to win, win to lie. Cut corporate taxes. Soft money, hard money, get more donations! Lather, rinse, repeat. Nominate the unskilled but loyal. Fire the sensible. Government is not for the people, it is of, by, and for the powerful! All the while, distract, distract, distract. Don't let them stand and stare while you and your cronies take to the cookie jar with a backhoe and a dumptruck. That money is yours, you and your donors deserve it every dime you can get, cuz you earned it!!

Given the lengthy streak of success we have for nominees emanating from this administration, we can expect only the worst. We have no reason whatsoever to expect anything else.

I'm starting to wonder if the Republicans don't have their shoelace wrapped around the accelerator in a giant game of chicken with an oncoming tank. Maybe they think they better squeeze every last dime out of the the American Worker and foreign banks before we all wise up and vote them out so the Democrats can clean up their shit? Maybe they think that the more harm they do, the faster the American people will come around. Maybe they think the more they tip the economic justice system to the wealthy over the poor, the fewer votes they will eventually get. The American people do have to come around eventually, don't they?

I wonder if the Republicans wish they had tied their shoes a little tighter when they mounted this puppy. Because they still have to live here too, even if there isn't a Democrat to swoop in and save the day.

Colin Powell was once quoted (wrongly) as having used the Pottery Barn Rule to describe the consequences associated with an invasion of Iraq, where if we broke it, we bought it. But the Republicans do it gleefully. There rule is more the Sid Vicious rule : Yeah, we broke it. You watched us break it. You voted us back into office to break it some more. Now fuck off.

Loyalty and political cover above all else. Fascinating to Tim, disgusting to me.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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