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So many scandals, So little time

George Stephanopoulos says he has a source that has said Bush & Cheney themselves are involved in the Plame leak.

Is anyone surprised?

But I disagree with the ThinkProgress statement that this development would make the scandal unmanageable. There are many scandals already, many of them involving truly impeachable offenses (some punishable as war crimes). But it doesn't matter a whit.

You see, Rove/Cheney/Bush has managed to suppress every budding scandal by simply offering up a new one. Fresh meat is better than rotten meat, especially for the vultures in the media. No sex involved (except maybe Jimmy/Jeff, but that's another post entirely), so move along, there's nothing to see here.

It will be handled the same way the Downing Street Minutes were handled: The talking points will come out, the press will eat them up, and all pro-administration news outlets will say that it doesn't command very much attention because it just proves what everyone already knew.

Such logic?! Nevermind that "everyone" means intelligent wonks and media types in Washington D.C. that follow all of this like Pavlovian leg-humpers. Nevermind that 42% of Americans out there think proof is proof, and lying warmongers should be impeached.

Imagine a man suspected of murder being let go, because even though evidence had come to light proving his guilt, everyone already suspected his guilt. We already knew he was guilty, so this new evidence isn't much to look at. Let him go.

Now imagine the man suspected of murder is your President, and upwards of 100,000 people are dead and your government is out several hundred billion dollars.

Move along, there's nothing to see here. Take a look at this new scandal we're offering--just came in this week.

ThinkProgress link via atrios

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Blogger B_independant said...

and again today :) Can't wait for the next flurry to come. Seems only a matter of time before the seems bust. I say so in hopeful anticipation, however the realist in me says with the track record so far, well, there will probably be another attack/hurricant. :(

03 October, 2005 19:55  
Blogger progprog said...

True. Most of the scandals are self-inflicted without an outside catalyst. Some result of unpreparedness for circumstances beyond their control, but for which they were "hired" (read: annointed by the SCOTUS) to prepare for in advance. Cronyism kills.

03 October, 2005 20:45  

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