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I hit #13 for 2005 on Kos - Navel Gazing

Which is amazing to me. Astonishing and silly all at once.

The Bush anti-response to Katrina made me ill, having been in that very convention center only a few months earlier. I reacted by spewing out a diary that people responded to and for that I was briefly proud and thankful.

All of the recommendations on that post inspired me to post almost daily for a little while. But then work, my wife, and my 2 kids kept me where my time was most needed.

That anyone can have a job, a life, AND be as prodigious as some bloggers on Kos and elsewhere is a tribute to their determination and dedication.

But what amazes me the most, is the willingness to sift through all of the bullshit the administration, its minions, and a large fraction of the compliant media pushes.

I can't see how one does it without becoming so distraught and despondent that one gives up.

Sits down.

And hopes it all has to go right eventually because it all *HAS* to go right eventually, doesn't it?

Will it?

I also threw this up as a comment to jotter's stats post.


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