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The Problem, clearly, is the Democrats

Is Chris Matthews on the take?

No amount of dem-bashing is enough for him these days.

It's not : President Bush broke the law when he eavesdropped on Americans without getting a FISA warrant either before or after doing so.

It's : Isn't breaking the law part of the job?

In your America, Chris. Not mine. I remember when Republicans would impeach a President for breaking a law.

It's not : The Republican members of the Judiciary Committee sat by and did little to fulfill their constitutional obligation of "advise and consent". They sat there and let Bush's go-to guy for usurping legislative power glide through.

It's : The Democrats are so disorganized. They tried to make him out to be a bigot instead of making him out to be a conservative.

Excuse me, but the time will soon come when Alito hears a case in which the Administration argues that it has the right to break the law during a time of undeclared war because the President is the "commander-in-chief" and he just so happened to jot a few notes next to his signature when he signed a bill into law. It may be a close vote but we know on which side Alito will fall. Unless a heretofore conservative justice flips (with sage reason) and turns back the Administration, a precedent will be set that says the President CAN break the law in war-time. But since this isn't a time of declared war any Executive in the future will note the case as precedent whether war-time or not. When this case comes down, the Republicans will need to take a 10 day recess to stare at themselves in the mirror and weep at how they handed their branch of government over to the Executive.

Be careful what you wish for, Republicans. You just might get it.

It's not : Jack Abramoff is the tip of the Republican Corruption iceberg. It provides an example of how the Republicans have taken the legislature of this country down a path of quid pro quo and payoffs made all the more feasible by committees that won't even order ethics reviews when Tom Delay requests that his own connection to Abramoff be investigated. This is the penultimate example of single-party-Republican-rule gone bad.

It's : Democrats took some money from Abramoff Clients as well as Republicans. They can't seem to make the case to the American people that this is a Republican scandal.

Of course they can't. Every person on my TV keeps reminding me that Democrats took money from Abramoff Clients. They keep failing to mention that NO DEM took $$ from Abramoff himself. The Republican media watchdogs have been trying to scare the Press for the last 20 years into providing either a) a Republican slant, or b) a he-said, she-said faux equivalency take on the news, even when doing so is either disingenuous or an outright lie. They prefer the former but happily accept the latter. This is paying off in spades in this and other current stories.

It's not : Murtha is a war hero and Republicans are impugning him just like they did John Kerry. Why do Republicans hate war heroes?

It's : They tried bringing Murtha out as the guy that could tell the truth to the American people and have it come from an unimpeachable, respected source, and it's backfiring.

There's a great series on Kos called Fighting Dems (link isn't perfect via the tag, but they're in the ensuing pages) that highlights all of the Iraq (and other war) vets coming home to run as Democrats against the Republicans they've come to loathe. When the Republicans begin impugning their war accollades can we please hear someone in the media come on the air, mouth agape at the unmitigated gaul? Can we please hear about the unrivaled hypocrisy? Can we hear mention of the double-think? Can someone cover the tear-filled, sad laughter that one has to let out when Republicans claim the Iraq war was a good thing? That our brave men and women are all heroes? And that while a government controlled entirely by Republicans lied the troops into battle and failed to equip them, they had also crossed their fingers? That they had silently reserved a right to ridicule them as not being wounded enough? That they had planned to cut taxes on the wealthy and therefore had to cut veterans benefits? That they planned to put the troops on a merry-go-round of unending tours due to an utter lack of accurate planning?

Republicans won't even welcome our troops as liberators when they come back from Iraq.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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