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And now for two things completely different (from each other)

First, a post over at Crisis Papers (via Smirking Chimp). Many many people, including my favorites Brad Blog and Cannonfire, write a great deal about the simple and maddening question of why the Electronic Voting companies refuse to do a few things that are just plain common sense. Here's one example
The e-voting manufacturers also make ATM machines and automated gas pumps, both of which produce paper receipts. Yet they steadfastly resist demands that their "touch screen" voting machines produce printouts, which might then serve to validate the accuracy of the votes.

What's up w/ that? Anyone?

Second, have I mentioned that I am absolutely enamored with the simplicity and utility of I am. You don't even have to sign up to get the coolness. Add your feeds, move them around. Use little widgets to interact with disparate sites. It's like an RSS Aggregator, without the clunky thing running in my system tray and throwing weird errors. Anyway, I didn't sign up at first, and had been using it for a few months, and somehow I lost my data (cookie based, presumably). Poof, gone. So sign up so you don't lose your data and can hit it from any computer! The only thing they ask for is your email and you're done and arranging your page and adding your feeds and widgets. Excellent.

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