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These aren't the droids you're looking for

Atrios points us to Digby's riff on the punditocracy's unwavering belief in Democratic Eunuchs somehow being the path to Democratic glory.

But it is really the path to Democratic defeat. The path that Republicans and pundits obsessively attempt to keep Democrats on, in order to re-reinforce the meme of Democratic weakness in the face of Republican supremacy.

All of it is bullshit, really. But Digby is right to point to it as one of the principle self-fulfilling prophecies that emanates from the Washington bubble despite the waves of contradictory evidence bombarding that bubble from all across the nation.

Washington thinks Democrats are the perfect feckless foil to Republican dominance. A nuissance on the way to Republican victories. A blip of mindless droids so near the edge of the elite radar as to be worth mentioning only in passing while elevating Republican talking points and legislation to a point of pre-assumed, common-knowledge-in-the-Beltway fact. The Democrats are not to speak until spoken to, and Digby hits the builders of this Democratic corral over the head:
The conventional wisdom in DC has now ossified into a reflexive notion that Democrats must do nothing. Ever. They must hold back and say nothing when the Republicans are on top and they must hold back and say nothing when they are on the ropes.


Feingold broke this rule and those who are beginning to line up behind him should be commended for returning a touch of honor to a body that prefers free plane trips and speechifying to helpful policy or true service to their constituency. Party is everything, and the party in power at this time won't even let Democratic legislation come to the floor without Republican co-sponsorship. So yes, in government today, there *is* but one voice. There are others, but they are rarely allowed to be heard. There are others, but the talking heads guffaw when they start to voice actual Democratic opinion.

Feingold broke the meme and kept the NSA spying controversy in the spotlight. Regardless of whether it passes, which is as unlikely as its not passing is unfortunate for our country, Feingold can wave his hand in pride, telling members of his party and the DC Establishment once and for all that he and his censure supporters are done playing along. Feingold and those that would stand up with him are yelling at the top of their lungs that what George W. Bush has broken the law. They yell that Bush is still breaking the law and that at least some Democrats are not the droids the establishment is looking for.

Those that are looking for Democrats to play the unwritten part of the oft-prophecied meme should simply move along. Censure supporters are not the droids they're looking for.

Move along.

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