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What matters is who *counts* the votes

It's sad to think that a few paid staffers in business-casual attire helped scare Florida into stopping their vote count efforts back in 2000.

That's not a crowd.

In the wake of the Mexican election this past week, popular left-leaning candidate Obrador urged protesters to have their voices heard.

And they gathered to do so.

That's a crowd.

Still paging the mass media, who seem to continue to write this off as a non-event.

However, EJ Dionne did write an excellent piece explaining how lucky Mexico is that they will avoid...well...all the crap we went through in 2000.

Again, why are some that would claim to love a democratic form of government so profoundly against actually counting all the damned votes? Oh, now I remember. Because Right-leaning candidates like Calderon, Obrador's opponent, know they can't win without cheating. And their wealthiest supporters/corporations/status quo-lovers (the ones that keep the people down, AKA "The Man") can't afford to share the power with The People.

Disclose all vote-counting source code and make each person's vote verifiably accurate and verifiably counted. Publicly fund elections and campaigns. Now.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


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