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This is gonna leave a mark

Glenn weighs in on the situation between Israel and Lebanon and how it has oddly wiped a lot of discussion of Iraq off the headlines and televisions.

Some of what he says reminds me of what I mentioned here, but Greenwald does it better than anyone.

Also of note are these thoughts from Booman about how things are out-of-control all over and some folks are afraid to address the Israeli situation head-on. Not sure if it's true, but it shouldn't be. Quite certain you can get undeserved labels for stating opinions, of course, just not sure everyone is truly avoiding the subject.

So conservative bloggers flip to Israel coverage (supporting Israel's "retaliation" efforts enthusiastically) while the big liberal bloggers stick to Iraq and stateside politics (to avoid a 3rd-rail issue for liberals). The traditional media flip to the Israeli issues and push Iraq to the backburner.

Meanwhile Iraq is still hosed and getting worse. Any support the US throws behind Israel worsens the PR problem in Iraq and the rest of the middle east b/c we are already hated there for our support of Israel. Israel is making threats about 10 buildings for every rocket. Iraqis are considering joining Hizbollah to fight against the Israelies. Iraqi politicians are considering dividing Iraq along sectarian lines leaving a permanent disaster in the wake of our invasion and press for democracy. And we still have 140,000 troops standing in the middle of it all.

Maybe if I watch Wheel of Fortune I'll feel better.

I was wondering when Armageddon might get brought up. Colbert handles it gracefully.

I'm not liberal, I'm just paying attention


Blogger mikevotes said...

That's a really interesting point about conservatives flipping to Israel. I've been struck by the complete lack of Iraq coverage over the last two weeks. I had attributed it to a sense of failure and futility that people just didn't want to know anymore.

But I think you're right.


25 July, 2006 21:19  

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