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John Bolton is a no-talent ass-clown

Raw Story tells us John Bolton might get actual hearings after all. He was given a recess appointment by Bush after his nomination went down to a Democratic filibuster. Recess appointments are only forcibly-valid until the ensuing session, at which time the legislative oversight of the appointment can kick back in.

John Bolton, no-relation to a certain other no-talent ass-clown. You may recall him from such films as 'The UN Sucks', or 'How Bush Subverted the Will of the People', or the MiniSeries 'The Vengeful Hawk'.

But this is his most memorable role, repeatedly insulting the very body to which Bush later chose him to be our ambassador:

Can someone explain why anyone, *anyone* would nominate Bolton to be our UN Ambassador *after* he said these things? It defies logic.

But politics is a never-ending source of fun. Apparently Bolton may never end up getting that precious up/down vote b/c a prominent Democrat has decided to support him. Arrgh.

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